Benefits of Decentralizing IT: Going Paperless and a Mobile-Equipped Work Force (Part 3 of 3)

In part two of “The benefits of decentralizing IT, going Paperless and a Mobile‐Equipped work force,” we focused on the evolution of BYOD (bring‐your‐own‐device) and the benefits of incorporating this practice within your business. With IT decentralization, everything about the company’s performance and customer base can easily and instantly be accessible via the cloud. The CEO, CFO, CMO and other officers can make decisions based on data derived in real time.

Although IT decentralization and BYOD may signify tremendous benefits for enterprises, it can proceed only so far without the organization eliminating paper documents—purchase orders, invoices, statements, financials, workflow status reports and scores of other types of records. A paper invoice cannot be inserted into a mobile phone. Managers cannot drill down on a paper report. Paper, in short, is the least social medium in an era of social networks. Only one person can see it at a time.

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