Power BI Insights: Extract data with PowerShell and DAX; Scanner API

October 14 2021

Power BI pros discuss how to extract data into a CSV using Power BI DAX queries and PowerShell, and how to use Power BI Scanner API.

Running Power BI DAX queries to extract data into a CSV, using PowerShell

Gilbert Quevalliers, writing on Four Moo, explored how to use PowerShell to run a DAX query from a dataset with results outputted to a CSV file. Initially, users need to allow XML endpoints and Analyze within Excel, have admin, member, or build privileges, and use the Modern or V2 workspace.

Quevalliers detailed how to find the dataset GUID. From there, users need to get the DAX query for the data that will be extracted into a CSV file. For this, he recommends using Power BI Desktop and Performance Analyzer. Finally, users will run the DAX query with PowerShell and get a CSV output.

Making sense of the Power BI Scanner API

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