Microsoft Dynamics AX '7' will use SQL Azure for cloud deployments, release about a year away

October 17 2014

Microsoft expects to release next major release of Microsoft Dynamics AX, code named AX ‘7', in approximately a year, according to AX general manager Dan Brown who spoke today at AXUG Summit in St. Louis.

"I don't want to get any more specific than that just to give myself some breathing room," he told the audience. "But that's when the browser-based client is going to be delivered."

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kurthatlevik's picture

.....MorphX development environment will also end in AX 7, as all development will move to Visual Basic..... Do you mean Visual Studio?

jgumpert's picture

It will move to Visual Studio, not Visual Basic. This was a mistake in the article that has been corrected.

MichaelGross's picture

I truly hope there will be a desktop-Client. The Users of the Company I work for just wouldn't accept a pure browser-based Client. But I welcome the movement towards Visual Studio - as long as the AIF is still functional for integrating separated applications.

jgumpert's picture

Based on what I heard, there doesn't appear to be a Windows client planned for AX 7.

rizwan.idrees's picture

So, Microsoft will stick to her tradition of delays, Anyway features looks interesting so there is no problem with delays only IF Microsoft is also planing to establish in-House Quality Control department instead of using customers as laboratory mouse. Will Microsoft's PaaS will be mandatory? What if an organization want to offer her own cloud services, will they still have to connect to Microsoft's platform?

georgeboanerges's picture

Whether On-premise edition will be available or it can be deployed on cloud only?

jgumpert's picture

AX 7 will be available both in Azure and on-premise. But Microsoft will be making some Azure-based elements more or less mandatory to running AX 7, like the use of Lifecycle Services. They expect virtually all customers to use LCS to automate some installation, maintenance, and support activities.