Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality updates address accessibility, HoloLens app integration, holograms, and more

September 4 2019

Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Guides and Remote Assist teams have recently announced product updates spanning a range of features.

D365 Remote Assist snapshot (Source: Microsoft)

Version 2.05 of Dynamics 365 Remote Assist brings an improved snapshot feature and a better way to use the tool in the context of other HoloLens apps.

  • Improved Snapshot feature. Users have noted that the video feed doesn’t always provide enough detail for the remote expert when they look at machine labels or computer screens, or when they work in low-bandwidth environments where the video feed may be pixelated. To address these issues, the Remote Assist team updated the camera tool. Now when a technician takes a snapshot, the high-quality image is automatically shared with the remote expert(s) through text chat. Because the link is in text chat, users can easily refer to the image throughout the call or it for work validation or inspection records.
  • Improved protocol activation experience. Protocol activation is a great way for app developers to build Remote Assist into their own custom HoloLens applications. A user can call someone from the app to collaborate and they can review a 3D model together, for example. Previously, protocol activation would launch Remote Assist, but after the call ended, users had to do the bloom gesture and then re-launch the app to get back to the custom app. The Remote Assist team has added an optional parameter so the user can now return directly to the custom app (or any other app) after the call ends.

The latest D365 Guides update applies to app version 104.1908.24001 and solution version 104.1908.0.117. Improvements tackle accessibility, hologram manipulation, and language support.

  • Accessibility enhancements. Now the app for PCs offers improved color contrast and support for high-contrast mode for users who are visually impaired. A user can use the keyboard to tab through the user interface while using the Narrator, a screen-reading app built into Windows 10, which will read various authoring options. In preview mode, users can use their keyboards to manipulate 3D models.
  • Improved hologram manipulation. Holograms now move more naturally as users place them in space. This simplifies the process to accurately align holograms to the real world.
  • Support for additional languages. The PC app and the HoloLens app now support these languages: English (US, UK), French (France, Canada), German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong SAR), Japanese, and Korean. To get this update, users have to update the PC app and the HoloLens app from the Microsoft store. Users have to update the Dynamics 365 Guides (Preview) to use it in these newly supported languages.

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