Flows from the field: D365 attachments; Flow access control; Creating PDFs; HTML reports; N:N relationships; Setting up Teams

September 19 2019

Dynamics 365 professionals put Flow to work moving attachments to SharePoint or Azure Files, managing workflow permissions, creating PDFs, generating automated HTML reports and more.

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Moving D365 attachments to SharePoint

Field Service Mobile enables new image and signature capturing scenarios. By default, all images a user takes with Field Service Mobile end up filed as Note entities. Writing on Day to Day Dynamics 365, Antti Pajunen explained how to shift these attachments to SharePoint, which is often a better long-term storage environment. It's important that when the image gets transferred to SharePoint Online a link is created to the D365 Timeline of the Work Order and original attachment gets deleted.

Pajunen setup triggers and deployed a get action to access the Work Order and Service Account. In total, three compose actions were needed although how these are set up is more of a matter of personal preference. The flow directs SharePoint to create a new folder if none exists and then deletes the old document.

In a subsequent blog, Pajunen explained similar steps for Azure Files and Blobs. The Flow setup is much the same up to the point of scope. Special characters don't work in Azure Files meaning the system rejects parentheses in the timestamp scope. MVP John Liu stepped in at this point, helping to weed out the unwanted characters. Flow also needed an update to composes a new Azure Files folder as a destination for the contents of the Note. He recommended adding a shared access signature (SAS) attached to the Note, but cautioned that anyone with the SAS URL can access the blob.

Managing workflow permissions

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