Evolution of Customer Service, And How to Adapt with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

April 19 2016

Being newly appointed to the Operations Manager role for my company, I am taking on countless responsibilities that are both challenging and foreign to me.

Who knew how hard it would be to implement a multi-state Employee Health Insurance plan? Or, how time consuming it would be to track down support for our internal computer systems that have issues?

About Angela Grom

Angela has days filled with, technology, thesaurus rummaging, a crazy Jack Russel named Baby B, a loud, attention starved (cough cough), Cockatiel, named Birdie and all things Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Six years ago, she really did have a "Legally Blonde" moment, woke up one day and decided she wanted to get into marketing. She started her career by being on the Board of Directors for the American Advertising Federation's Sacramento Chapter. She then held positions at some of Sacramento's top PR and marketing agencies such as Perry Communications and Sagent Marketing, formerly ProProse and now, she is the Marketing & Operations Manager for Trovare Business Solutions, a Microsoft Partner of Dynamics CRM. She is an alumni of CSU Sacramento scholared in Spanish Literature and Business. Before Sacramento, she spent a year studying French cooking and working in a French restaurant in London, UK. How's that for a career change?

When she's not busy trying to take over the Dynamics CRM world, you can find her reading pop culture, walking her best furry friend, dodging a bird flying at her head, or Skyping her west coast friends and family.

If you'd like to discover your companies Dynamics CRM needs analysis or are a company who is needing help with their current install, contact Trovare Business Solutions, and we'll schedule a (free) 60-minute Executive Briefing.

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