Convergence 2015: What does a broader business customer focus mean for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM?

February 18 2015

With Convergence 2015, Microsoft broadens the event's scope while working to preserve the value and pedigree that the Dynamics ERP and CRM attendees have come to expect. The event has undergone some changes, organizers freely admit, but the changes should result in a richer overall message and a re-calibrated experience, not a reduction in the benefits that veteran attendees and sponsors have come to expect

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Microsoft have missed the point that the majority of attendees at convergence are NOT C level executives - they are end users of the Microsoft ERP and CRM solutions. Few attendees are business decision makers - but most people are the doers and the users of the software. I think an event/or stream focused on Business decision makers is awesome. But please do not dilute the detail content. These attendees are interested in deep detailed content, learning opportunities and less interested in vision and the direction of Big Data, Microsoft cloud etc. These topics should be a key part of the convergence experience - but are really the nice to have topics. The MUST have topics are those dedicated to specific functionality, how to be more efficient within GP, SL or NAV. How to use power BI specifically with your GP data? or your AX data? I have exhibited and presented at convergence for 10 years. I know the audience. It is an awesome event, well attended and well loved. Last year there were 120 session focused just on GP, similar for the other ERP lines. End users customers come by the thousands and loved it. Microsoft - please do not mess with you best end user conference. Keep the Dynamics focused content, and educate the people that truly make these complex software implementation successful. Anyone agree with me?

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Martin you and I have the same thoughts. There really are not that many decision makers at the event, and honestly the advertising I have seen has not really been an appeal to them. It is interesting that the General Sessions will be held in the most cavernous room available while the product road maps are squeezed down into a lot smaller space. I admit I am not a corporate decision maker and do not think like they do, but will there really be thousands of them interested in sitting for multiple hour-long sessions listening to Microsoft executives justify and sell their particular interest areas? I do not think Redmond understands that corporate decision makers may not be interested in going to large-scale conferences for several days. Are these not the types who are too busy running things to even read summarized white papers without some sort of executive summary? Someone has led Microsoft astray on the purpose and goals of the Convergence event. If any of the product roadmaps become standing room only fiascoes while most of the general sessions become echo chambers I hope someone points that out to Microsoft's decision makers. Jeff Frye

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Hi Martin, Fully agree with you... see my reply to the other post on Dynamics World :