Community Summit and extreme365 Europe 2020: Building shared experiences in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform technology

February 4 2020

Editor's Note: is collaborating with Community Summit Europe and extreme365 Europe 2020 to explore the upcoming conferences in a series of preview articles. 

Microsoft MVP Jonas Rapp will be presenting three sessions at the upcoming Community Summit and extreme365 Europe 2020 events in March, with a message of encouragement to developers, users, and others with a role to play in the success of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform projects. Well known for years of community development projects, blogging, and presenting, Rapp will be attending and participating in the Barcelona events from 9-12 March.

"My sessions and brain have a technology focus, so if you are building stuff, apps, or tools, you can find a lot of sessions that are valuable to get started," says Rapp of the upcoming events. "If you're doing it already, you can gain insights and experience." 

Two of Rapp's sessions at the event will focus on XrmToolBox, a long-running Dynamics 365/CRM community project that he has remained close to over the years. XrmToolBox provides tools to make administration, customization, and configuration tasks easier and less time consuming. All his presentations will emphasize the benefits of solving technical problems by collaborating and learning from the experiences of others in the community. 

Community Summit and extreme365

His session for extreme365, Let's Build an XrmToolBox Tool, will offer partners a hands-on demonstration of how a developer uses the toolbox and related systems to create something totally new. The approach is meant to both teach and demonstrate the path to practical development for XrmToolBox. 

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