From newbies to experts – Cut short Dynamics 365 CRM user adoption journey with Inogic’s advanced User Adoption Monitor app

MUMBAI, India — January 31, 2022 – Technology is one the tools mankind use to make life prosperous and productive. From simple kitchen gadgets to sophisticated business applications, technology has its presence everywhere. When used correctly, these tools can do wonders. But the crux here is how to effectively use these tools. Most of the times due to inexperience or ignorance, these tools are not utilized to their full potential. Dynamics 365 CRM is one such fabulous tool which has been around for some time. Organizations across the world use this tool to effectively manage and maintain customer relationships. But mostly it takes considerable amount of time for CRM users to master this tool. In the meanwhile, many opportunities are left unexplored or ignored.

The only way to counter this is to shorten the period of time it takes to master it. And this can be achieved through effective monitoring of user actions in CRM and providing guidance to those who lag behind. Earlier this process had to be done manually due to lack of other options. But now with technology there been an influx of many monitoring apps that helps to track the user adoption of Dynamics 365 CRM. Inogic (a leading Microsoft ISV Gold Partner) has been constantly enhancing – User Adoption Monitor - a popular monitoring app that monitors and tracks the actions performed by enabled users in Dynamics 365 CRM.

With User Adoption Monitor, one can -

  • Periodically track user actions in CRM: It becomes necessary to monitor various operations in CRM such as Create, Read, Update, Delete, Win, Qualify Lead, etc., to determine the adaptability of CRM users. Tracking these user actions on daily, weekly, or monthly basis gives an overall insight into how well users are adapting to CRM in their daily work life.
  • Monitor user activities with ease: Along with tracking routine user actions in CRM, monitoring the amount of time invested by individual users provides better insight into progress made by users in adapting Dynamics 365 CRM. With this insight, management can take proactive measures to train and develop the skills of users lagging behind.
  • Keep track of targets and goals effortlessly: Another way of monitoring user adoption of CRM is by setting job performance goals or targets that must be demonstrated in the CRM. Even if it is posting a monthly or weekly sales target, the users will have to quickly adapt to CRM to handle their work smoothly. And when there is a competition, the natural urge to excel helps the users to overcome their initial shortcomings in handling CRM. It would also serve as a medium to assess the performance of users in the long run.
  • Maintain Data Quality in CRM: If users are not proficient enough in using CRM, then there are high chances of errors which will reduce the quality of customer data in CRM. But maintaining data quality is of utmost importance. To avoid this, check points can be introduced which will ensure that each and every detail about the customer is procured and fed to the system on time.

Regular monitoring and tracking of user actions gives a clear picture about the individual capabilities of each user. It helps to train and develop skills of users. With User Adoption Monitor, get ready to build a well-oriented and productive team within minimum amount of time.

Apart from monitoring, creating an enriching and motivating environment also helps to enhance Dynamics 365 CRM productivity and user adoption. And this can be achieved by implementing game mechanics in Dynamics 365 CRM. Inogic’s upcoming gamification app – Gamifics365 – provides a platform to gamify Dynamics 365 CRM and improve the overall productivity of CRM users.

About Inogic:

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