Improved Field Service Management features within Maplytics set to transform the face of CRM within organizations!

MUMBAI, India — January 27, 2021- Field Services play an important role in generating a loyal customer base for any organization. First-time customers become recurring ones and also attract more customers if satisfied with the services provided pre-and post-sales or in case of operational efficiency. Thus, investing in a crisp Field Service Management Program and having efficient Field service representatives can become extremely fruitful! If this sounds apt, then, to satiate the very requirement, Maplytics has unique features such as real-time tracking of reps, optimized routing of their travel routes, field-visit scheduling for multiple reps, and Maplytics on Mobile with navigation through Google Maps or Waze App incorporated into Maplytics.

Maplytics, a preferred, 5 star rated geo-analytical mapping app on Microsoft AppSource for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM/ Dataverse (Power Apps) supports businesses with its smart Field Service management features. With its tracking and planning features, professional lives of service reps and their managers could be eased!

Some of the key features of the Field Service Management within Maplytics are as follows-

Scheduling Field Visits: For the services offered to be efficient, the client meets scheduled for the reps need to be organized efficiently and beforehand. Thus, with the auto-scheduling feature of Maplytics, service, sales, marketing, etc. meetings can now be organized and plotted for days and even weeks in advance. Managers can plot and send confirmation to their technicians and other reps. Ad-hoc changes to the schedules can also be done to accommodate additional client visits, meetings or replace the cancelled/postponed ones. Using the mobile app, Field reps can check-in and out of these client visits while being on-site.

Route Optimization: Travel routes can be plotted over the map for the service agents to be followed in order to provide services to the clients efficiently. This ensures they use fast routes, follow the turn-by-turn navigation smoothly, and reach the assigned visit locations punctually!

Real-time tracking: One of the most celebrated features of Maplytics, which allows managers to track their service reps in real-time. With the appointments planned and the navigation routes already plotted, managers can view real-time on-field positions of their field technicians. The routes plotted versus the routes actually followed by the service agents for today and even the past days can be viewed and even saved for future discussions and/or decision making.

Maplytics on Mobile: The world comes to a stand-still at our fingertips these days then how can Maplytics be left alone! Maplytics within your Dynamics 365 CRM App/ Power Apps or Dynamics 365 Sales App can be used to search and plot CRM records, plan meetings/ client visits, plot navigation roads, trace the current locations of the reps, post minutes of a meeting while on the go, and so on. Maplytics is supported on any hand-held device with Android or iOS thus being available for the users, anytime, anywhere. Field service management becomes more prompt with this flexibility of use.

Maplytics has a variety of interesting features that can further ease out the lives of the service engineers and their managers. Sales territories can be divided using Territory Management, data related to records can be presented using Heat Maps, nearby locations such as petrol pumps, cafes, etc. could be searched and plotted using the Point of Interest (POI) Locations, client records can be plotted within a specific radius around the current location. In addition, the January 2022 release of Maplytics promises to enhance these features furthermore.

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