Dedicated online marketing platform drives strong ROI: Forrester Study

Study finds 305% ROI using GetResponse MAX (over 3 years)

GetResponse commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study to examine the potential return on investment businesses can realize by deploying GetResponse MAX online marketing platform.

From effective marketing automation to advanced segmentation and personalization, the company gained robust results using GetResponse MAX for all their marketing needs.

The study showed a 305% ROI over a 3-year period with the customer recovering the cost of investment in just 3 months.

That means 3 months after switching to a fully managed platform with individual support and tailormade expert advice allowed the customer to reap the benefits over the next 33 months (and counting).

Download Forrester’s TEI study of GetResponse MAX to find out more.

Advanced segmentation

Having complex data easily stored and managed allows you to build segmentation and personalization into your marketing campaigns for targeted, relevant messaging.

Forrester’s analysis of a GetResponse MAX customer found that using its extensive segmentation and personalization capabilities improved the impact of that customer’s digital marketing.

"GetResponse MAX enabled the organization to capitalize more fully on the profile and activity data it had collected about its subscribers. By using GetResponse MAX, the organization was able to store and manage more complex data about those subscribers... With more data synched to GetResponse MAX, the organization could more easily target people who qualified as leads for a given campaign." Production director, content aggregation company.

Individual Support

Individual support is essential to sustained success. Individual support means a real, live person helping with your specific problems when you need it.

You don’t have to waste time trying to configure which tools work best for your business.

Plus, with GetResponse MAX you can connect to real-life support 24/7 via phone, chat, email, and even Slack in some cases.

From the Forrester study:

“The interviewee noted that GetResponse’s multiple communications channels for support enabled the organization to get answers quickly when questions arose.”

“Their great service helps you keep moving because you can figure stuff out fast when you need to,” the customer said.

Improved deliverability 

Even with the best tools at your disposal, success still comes down to the ability to reach your audience and valuable prospects. High deliverability rates are essential.

Forrester's study found that GetResponse MAX enabled the customer to improve email deliverability from an 80-85% range to 95-99%.

Download the Forrester study to get a complete overview of how the customer increased the ability to reach their audience.

About GetResponse MAX

GetResponse MAX is a fully managed online marketing and marketing automation platform with cutting-edge deliverability, flexibility, and control.

The value of GetResponse MAX is unique to each customer. There are multiple scenarios in which you might implement GetResponse MAX online marketing platform and later realize additional uses and business opportunities.