Expert Panel: How to Assess Your CRM Maturity

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Expert Panel: How to Assess Your CRM Maturity

Companies see getting closer to their prospects and customers as a top priority, and investments in CRM technology are growing at an astonishing rate to support it. Unfortunately, many times they aren’t happy with the results. They are often left asking: what are we not doing right, and should we be further along?

Please join us for this expert panel discussion to better understand where you are in the CRM maturity journey and how to “Get CRM Right”. Topics will include:

  • People – are your people “doing CRM” or is your CRM making their work easy and enjoyable?
  • Organization – how well are your technical and revenue teams aligned with your go to market goals?
  • Tech Stack –is CRM a part of a tech stack that is facilitating innovation plus customer and employee experience?
  • Data – is your data siloed, integrated, or driving contextual insights for your team?

Tuesday, August 02, 2022